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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mike Sutcliffe, idiot extraordinaire

Mike Sutcliffe is the town clerk (muncipal manager) of eThekwini - "The Place by the Bull's Testicles" in Zulu. Also known as Durban.
Sutcliffe is notorious for his tasteless, Afro-kitsch dress sense, self consciously favouring gaudy, Madiba-type shirts. Typical of your leftie white liberal, kissing Azanian ass wherever he goes, and generally trying much, much too hard to be in with the right crowd.
To call Sutcliffe monumentally incompetent, would be to flatter him greatly. Under his so-called management, Durban's beaches have literally become cesspools, reeking of human excrement, and have accordingly lost their international blue-flag status.
However, true to his Marxist, totalitarian ideology, and like so many incompetents, Suttcliffe is above criticism in his own little mind. Dare to criticize him, and he is apparently prone to childish temper tantrums and outbursts. How professional can you get?

Incompetent Commie asshole with bad dress sense

The Stalinist ANC city council, enthusiastically supported by the sycophantic Sutcliffe, has decided to rename hundreds of Durban's streets. Amongst those honoured are such luminaries as Andrew Zondo, the simian scum who murdered innocent civilians in the Amanzimtoti bombing. Ché Guevara, a Marxist mass murderer, likewise has a street named after him.

While Durban's roads are degenerating to potholes joined by small pieces of tar, the council is spending millions on renaming streets in honour of terrorists, criminals and other sub-human scum. All of this is happening in the face of vehement opposition from for example the IFP and DA. A huge number of objections - 28000 - have been received.

Sutcliffe, true Stalinist asshole that he is, is unfazed by this. During an SABC radio interview, his recommendation is that those objecting to the name changes "will have to get used to it" (sic.)

Fortunately the citizens of Durban have had enough of this totalitarianism. Some of the new street signs have been defaced already. Well done to those who are responsible. Expressing your displeasure in this way is not a crime - it is justified resistance against an oppressive regime. The only reason why idiots like Sutcliffe are able to impose their will on us, is because we allow them to.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Cutting one's nose to spite your face

Twee jaar gelede in Wiskundige Geletterdheid as 'n skoolvak ingestel vir diegene wat nie matriekwiskunde wou ondergaan nie.

Vandag berig die SABC dat ontevrede matrikulante uit Kabokweni na die Mpumalangase Departement van Onderwys gemarsjeer het.

Hulle klagte is dat Wiskundige Geletterdheid "te moeilik" is. Hulle het vrywillig 2 jaar gelede in Graad 10 gekies om die vak te neem. Die vak is alreeds afgewaterde wiskunde, wat konsentreer op praktiese vaardighede soos persentasies en geldelike berekeninge.

Hulle oplossing vir hulle wiskundige probleme? Kom ons brand ons handboeke (ja, reg gelees - brand die boeke.) Dis 2 maande voor die eindeksamen. Hoe sodanige optrede hulle gaan help om te slaag, sal iemand asseblief aan my moet verduidelik, want alhoewel ek wiskunde kon deurkom, is ek heeltemal te dom om hierdie sonderlinge logika te kan kop.

Aan die ander kant van die aardbol is daar enorme mededinging onder Indiese en Chinese leerlinge en studente wat baklei om by elite ingenieurs-akademies in te kom, leerlinge wat lag vir die moeilikheidsgraad van Amerikaanse Graad 12-wiskunde.

En so ploeter ons aan op pad na die Afrika-Renaaisaans.

Friday, 08 August 2008

Back to the future on agriculture

Measured even by the subterranean standards of the intellectual vacuum represented by the ANC regime, Lulu Xingwana represents a special case. This so-called cabinet minister has to qualify as either one of the most dim-witted specimens of simian life ever to blight the planet with her presence, or one of the most recalcitrant and deliberately obstructionist Stalinist ideologues in history.

Ms Xingwana has occupied the post of minister of agriculture since 2006. In all this time, she has been seemingly oblivious to the fact that the disastrous programme of Zimbabwe-like land redistribution has been systematically destroying the country's agriculture. Or was she perhaps for reasons of anti-white racism and Afro-fascist ideology deliberate in her attempts to destroy agriculture? Either way, either her incompetence or ideological obstinacy has been spectacularly successful in destroying South Africa's capacity to feed itself.

What sane farmer would want to invest in an industry which is constantly under threat? Who wants to build up a viable farm if there is a very real possibility that it will be nationalized and given to peasant farmers, who are sure to ruin it within at most 24 months?

In a typical display of snail-like mental processes, something we have come to expect from the dim-witted ANC regime, it has finally dawned upon the honourable minister that the country actually needs farmers. Read this article which was published in the Business Day. Well done, Ms Xingwana! It only took you, what, 2 - 3 years to come to this realization.

The Ministerial Advisory Council for Agriculture and Land Affairs has been mooted since 2001, but was only launched yesterday. Yet another prime example of the efficiency of the ANC regime - it took a mere 7 years for the transformed public service and regime to establish the council, but at least the public servants are of the right skin colour and that's what REALLY matters, isn't it? Will we wait another decade or two before it actually starts to do anything?

Whereas South Africa was a nett exporter of food in the past, it has turned into an importer. Wait - it's coming to me - yes, it has to be the fault of apartheid. Of course. (Except the reverse is the case, is it not? Under the previous government we could feed ourselves...)The Business Day article blames external factors such as the exchange rate for this, but fails to squarely place the blame where it really resides: the utter incompetence and / or extreme ideologically driven arrogance of the criminal ANC regime.

There is one and only one solution to the looming agricultural crisis in South Africa. That is to immediately halt and indeed reverse the failed land reform programme. Subsistence farming by peasants, which lies at the heart of the land reform programme, is nothing but a romantic dream. In reality it is sure to destroy the country's capacity to feed itself.

Monday, 04 August 2008

What to do when you make an accident in your government vehicle

The following actually happened.

Government Department X, somewhere in South Africa, has a number of employees who have to drive government vehicles in the course of their official duties.

Of course, this being the Azanian banana republic, government vehicles are seen as private property, to be utilized as the "owner" (aka the employee) sees fit. Its official purpose is of tertiary importance. Vehicles are therefore used to ferry kids to school. As an informal taxi. As a hauler of Black Label quarts, which are sold out of the back of the official vehicle. Call it a shebeen on wheels. On some weekends they haul concrete. In a vehicle that is not a bakkie or a truck.

The drivers are almost all under- or unqualified. Most of their licenses have been fraudulently obtained. They are often pissed and mostly reckless. Vehicles are routinely revved to levels that would blow up a F1 engine. They end up as wrecks in former homelands, having been used to transport eighteen people and their luggage for a weekend, this in vehicles intended for 2 passengers. They are parked for hours outside local whorehouses and watering holes, instead of working.

Eventually the few remaining non-affirmative appointees at the employer grow heartily sick of wasting taxpayers' money in this way. They put out a tender and install a vehicle tracking system, similar to Netstar, Tracker or Matrix's products. This records and transmits illegal usage, over-revving, harsh braking and moving the vehicle out of officially designated areas. The idiots driving the vehicles eventually wise up and stop their worst abuses, because suddenly the supervisors are mysteriously able to see when the vehicles go to Qwa-Qwa for the weekend, or stand parked outside Mama Ningi's shebeen.

One fine day, Mr Government Employee and his mate decide to play Schumacher. Pissed out of their skulls, they do 140 km/h in a 60 zone. With the inevitable result. They crash their government vehicle into a private vehicle, killing the other vehicle's passengers.

Now they're screwed, and the horrible realization slowly dawns on them. Their vehicle's black box has recorded their transgression. Their guilt will be easily proved. Hau! Eish! What now? After racking their brains, they come up with a truly Azanian solution to their dilemma:

Nothing for it but to pour petrol on the vehicle and set the evidence alight.

Two problems with the above solution.

1. The movement and engine parameters are transmitted to the base station in real time, so it's already in the server's database many kilometers away.

2. The fire destroys the vehicle, but not the EEPROM in the black box. This is recovered, with the evidence intact.

Saturday, 02 August 2008

What do Zuma's supporters expect?

There is a huge campaign from those on the left of the political spectrum, including Cosatu, the ANCYL and the SACP, to support Zuma at all costs. They are threatening to bring the country to a standstill. Shop owners in Pietermaritzburg where Zuma is to be tried, are already complaining about the disruption caused by thousands of locusts descending on their town.

There are obviously problematic aspects around the whole, sorry saga, such as the moronic utterances by Julius Malema, who is surely a miracle human, having survived for years after being born without a brain. The judiciary is being undermined and is under real threat by a party which is increasingly out of control. The above issues have however been discussed at length in the media.

What is getting rather less attention is the question why are they so fanatic in supporting Zuma? Why risk international condemnation, increased emigration, instability and anarchy in support of one man? A man, it must be said, who is intellectually way below average (if not retarded), who should keep quiet on economic matters, who is of suspect moral stature (if not a career criminal), with a Grade 4 education and has more than 9 wives, an unknown number of concubines and common-law wives and God knows how many legitimate and illegitimate children. George Bush is routinely mocked for being unable to pronounce "nuclear", yet he went to Yale and achieved a master's degree. Where did Zuma go? Did he pass the old Standard 3?

Or is the above perhaps the very thing that appeals to the communists - the fact that somebody without real opinions of his own or the capacity to make good judgments would be easily manipulated and influenced, unlike the coldly intellectual Thabo Mbeki? Is Zuma furthermore perhaps the ultimate New South African man and therefore a role model to many - a brain-dead criminal whose genitals override his mental processes on a regular basis?

Let's say they succeed in pressuring the judiciary into submission, and Zuma does become president. Jeremy Cronin of the SACP assures us that Zuma will become president and not go to jail. What kind of policy changes do they expect from a President Zuma, and specifically what does the SACP expect from Zuma?

One suspects that there is a perception in South Africa's paleo-Marxist (those idiots for whom the Berlin wall never fell) circles that there will be a marked shift to the left. There is a chilling trend these days to speak about the revolution, something that was mostly absent in Mandela's and Mbeki's day. Unspecified enemies of the revolution are apparently everywhere. These must be quote eliminated unquote.

A big shift to the left has frightening implications. Expect wholesale expropriation and nationalization. Expect more wastage of resources on social grants. Expect a destruction of private enterprise.

Are South Africans staring down the barrel of a second phase of a socialist revolution, whereby the rampant left wing intends to turn South Africa into another Cuba or Venezuela?
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