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Friday, 30 January 2009

Are the Republicans going to learn their lesson?

The rot in the GOP didn't start with the election of Barack Obama. They were also convincingly routed in the previous midterm elections 2 years ago, with the Democrats gaining a large number of seats at their expense. There was no Obama to terrorize them back then.

The obvious scapegoat for their poor showing in the elections is George W Bush. It's easy to point fingers at the man because of the Iraq quagmire, or because of the state of the economy. Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton, which the Republicans managed to turn into the largest deficit in history over the Bush years.

In spite of Bush's low popularity ratings (something like 22% just before he left office) the Republicans did surprisingly well among their traditional supporter base. More than half of all white voters still voted for McCain. The overwhelming Hispanic and black vote, coupled with the minority of whites, gave Obama the victory, however.

What the Democrats had and the Republicans lacked, was a charismatic youngish leader. McCain was more than 70 years old, compared to the youthful Obama. The Republicans lost out among younger white voters. Is it too much to ask for that in the next presidential election, the Republicans try to choose as their candidate a charismatic, youngish, intelligent, attractive, well-spoken, moderate leader? A Republican JFK, as it were. Or here's a new one: what about a female lead candidate?

And no, not another huntin', fishin' Sarah Palin. She may have had some librarian-like sex appeal going for her, but quite frankly somebody who probably views roadkill as a recognized source of nutrition is not going to appeal to young urban voters.

They need somebody who realizes that the world doesn't end at Cape Cod. They need somebody who has the intellectual firepower to take Obama on in terms of oratory. Even Condi Rice would have been a better choice than Palin.

And PLEASE, Republicans, get somebody who's internet-savvy next time. You know - somebody who has at least sent more than one email before. And old fogey that admits he doesn't use the internet is somehow less than appealing to the net generation, some of whom may have voted for you. Obama's web-based campaign showed you up badly in the past. I am hereby offering my services fee a very modest consultation fee should nobody in the entire GOP understand how to develop web applications....

If the Republicans don't see the light, they're going to be spending a long, long time in the political wilderness.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Yet another masterpiece in incompetence from the ANC regime

There is one talent that the ANC regime has perfected: its infinite ability to suprise us all with the sheer magnitude of its utter stupidity.

Nothing is better proof of this than the laughable discussion document drawn up by the Ministry of Sport. This document aimed to give the fat, incompetent minister (does the ANC have any other kind of minister, except for the incompetents?) of sport, Makhenkesi Stofile, sweeping powers to interfere in sports team selection and sports administration.

Just like the ANC's transformed sports administrators bungled the Beijing Olympics - South Africa's total medal tally in all Olympic events: a full 1. One.

The minister would, for example, be able pick players. Had this become law, you could bet your bottom dollar that Puke Watson would have been honorary lifelong captain of the Springbok rugby team. Other absurd proposals in the document included control over teams' clothing colours.

Gert "Quisling" Oosthuizen, incompetent ANC sycophant

It however finally dawned on the (white) ANC deputy minister of sport and sometime Quisling to his own people, Gert Oosthuizen, and Stofile that they would be made a laughing stock, had this been put before parliament. They then promptly disavowed all knowledge of the document, something the transformed personnel of the Department of Sport had been labouring over for years, no doubt. Are the ministers really, seriously telling us they didn't know about this?

If they are, they should immediately be fired. How can a minister not know what his department is busy with? By disowning the document, both Stofile and Oosthuizen have admitted that they are incompetent.

For how much longer are we going to tolerate being ruled by these complete morons?

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Little sympathy for those who gouge the public

In mid-2008 we were on a few days' leave in Cape Town. Browsing idly through the shops at the V&A Waterfront, my eye caught a replica Springbok rugby jersey. It had a Canterbury logo on it. What really caught my eye was the price of the thing: almost R1000. One thousand rand for a supporter's jersey! Now I'm sorry, but that is a rip-off in anybody's language. The garment is not worth R1000, and I don't care whose logo is on it.
The public know full well how little it must cost to manufacture Springbok jersey knock-offs in China, because pirated copies are sold on every street corner for R100 or less. This means that the "real", "authentic" article, manufactured by Canterbury was being sold at an exorbitant profit - 1000% more than what the street vendors were selling knock-offs for. SARU, the rugby union, is also complicit in this rip-off, because they claim a portion of each garment sold as royalty fees.
Predictably Canterbury yesterday announced they were going into liquidation. Shame. Poor things. Or not.
Somehow I feel as little sympathy for them as I feel for the manufacturers of printer cartridges, whose ink is much, much more expensive than gold on a gram for gram basis. Now I am sorry, but it's INK, for crying out loud. Same applies to the manufacturers of DVD's, who at one stage sold their wares for R300-R400, and were then outraged to discover that pirated copies were being sold for R60 on street corners.
Gouge the public, and you are going to find that somebody, most probably in China, is going to see a business opportunity and will profit by making copies of your wares. They see an opportunity because your company is being too greedy. Of course the printer cartridge manufacturers as well as Canterbury are going to scream "illegal" and "piracy", but to my mind it's also almost as unethical if not illegal to exploit your monopoly and sell your wares at a price too far above its value, deliberately gouging the public for all it's worth.
Good riddance to Canterbury. Hopefully SARU, who also demands a portion of the price of these garments, will have learnt its lesson as well.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What really scares Tokyo Sexwale

A sangoma is what is otherwise known as a witchdoctor. A large proportion of South Africa's population regularly visits sangomas for medical attention (sangomas can allegedly even cure AIDS), but also for "muti". Muti can mean medicine, but can also refer to a magical potion that can make robbers invisible to the police, or keep your wife faithful (no, really.) Muti is often made from herbs, animal parts and even human bodies. People are killed for muti in what is known as muti murders.

Recently, pupils at a school in the Northwest province refused to go to school, because sangomas had planted muti at the school. Pupils only returned to class after a cleansing ceremony had been performed at the school. These very same school pupils are of course South Africa's hope for the future. They are the people who will have to participate in a sophisticated, global economy, and compete with millions of highly educated and intelligent Chinese and Indians in the future.

One could possibly attribute the bizarre happenings at the school mentioned above to the fact that these are school children in a rural district, with superstitious, backward parents.

The same cannot however be said of Tokyo Sexwale. Sexwale is a member of the ANC, the former premier of the Gauteng province and a billionaire "businessman." Note the quotation marks around "businessman"; he is in reality the recipient of billions of rands extorted from legitimate businesses in the scheme of legalized racial theft known as black economic empowerment (BEE.) It is unclear what, if any, business acumen or entrepreneurial qualities Sexwale possesses, but he does have one vital asset: he knows the right people, a sure ticket to wealth in the corrupt system of crony capitalism so prevalent under the ANC regime.

"Businessman" or an adherent of primitive superstition?

Being a billionaire "businessman", a director of several multi-billion dollar companies and former premier, Sexwale is presumably a much more sophisticated person, not so? Surely he doesn't subscribe to primitive superstitions and backward belief systems?


Sexwale is in hot water, after having accused the ANC's political rivals, Cope, of using old women for the purposes of witchcraft. Once again, let me emphasize: this is not a backward rural inhabitant. This is an obscenely rich, presumably sophisticated politician.

Scarier than the credit crisis to Sexwale…

And then the West wonders why Africa will forever remain the dark continent.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Luke Watson should accept that his career in SA rugby is over

Luke Watson, he of wanting to puke on the Springbok emblem fame and insulting people like me - Afrikaners (the African descendants of Dutch, German and French immigrants since 1652), was predictably booed during a match at Newlands against the English club Saracens. Newlands happens to be the home ground of Watson's provincial club side, the Stormers, so Watson was booed on his home turf.

How dim-witted and thick-skinned can a player be, not to mention the game's administrators? Did he really, honestly imagine he could simply walk back onto the field this season as if he had done nothing wrong?

Furthermore, Newlands is hardly the most conservative rugby ground in the country. The Western Cape has traditionally been more liberal than the rest of South Africa. Its crowd is the only one which routinely has a large number of non-white supporters who attend games. This does not apply to the northern provinces of the country.

If Luke Watson gets booed at his home ground, by a relatively liberal crowd of spectators, the mind boggles about the welcome that will await him at Loftus Versfeld, should the Stormers' selection staff be stupid enough to choose the odious Watson for a game there.

Watch the Aussie press go bananas as Puke Watson runs onto the field Down Under and gets booed by South African expats rightly outraged by Watson's hate for their kind. This is 100% guaranteed to cause huge embarrassment to SARU, already known for lurching from crisis to crisis.

There are certain things that you cannot recover from. Accidentally calling your wife by your mistress's name whilst having sex is one of these things. Deliberately insulting an ethnic group who happen to be the majority of supporters of your chosen sport is another. Watson must be either incredibly thick-skinned or incredibly naive to want to continue playing rugby in South Africa.

In an absolutely disgraceful and sickening display of anti-white bias, however, the Western Cape's provincial government has condemned the booing. Let us understand this in context: it's apparently OK for Watson to racially insult Afrikaners, but even the most insignificant incident of so-called racism perpetrated by other whites without the Quisling-like "Struggle" credentials of traitors like Watson, invites a storm of condemnation from what is surely the most racist regime on the planet, the ANC. Its spokesman, Cameron Dugmore, said he was angry. No kidding, Cameron! I'm extremely pissed off even looking at Watson's loathsome face on a rugby pitch.

The only honourable course of action for this third-rate player and embarrassment of an anti-Afrikaner bigot, is to retire from the game to go and face the obscurity he so richly deserves. Dear Luke Puke Watson: please do us all a favour, including yourself, and retire with the few shreds of dignity you have left. Go and become something more suitable to your extremely limited talents. An ANC member of parliament springs to mind, requiring as it does no intelligence, no integrity and at most a measure of anti-white racism.

Why don't expatriates have the vote but criminals do?

The Democratic Alliance is one of a number of interested parties that is about to launch a court challenge revolving around the right of expatriate South Africans to vote.
The South African constitution is clear: all adult citizens enjoy the right to vote. This is not a qualified right. It does not for example say "all adult citizens within the country's borders can vote." It's simply all adult citizens.
This was the basis on which convicted felons who are serving jail time challenged the practice of disallowing them the vote a number of years ago. South Africans abroad cannot vote at present, but those in jail can, as a result.
Funnily enough, the ANC's so-called Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) still refuses to allow expats to vote, subsequent to the above judgement. The IEC therefore still does not follow the constitution to the letter. It discriminates against those who find themselves abroad. Of course, these people include a huge number of white South Africans, who because of their race, cannot find gainful employment in South Africa due to the state racism known as "Affirmative Action" - a system of ethnic cleansing of whites from the workplace.
Clearly the ruling ANC regime sees it in its interest to bar the above people from voting. Isn't it extremely interesting, though, that the ANC clearly wanted jailbirds to vote but not expats? This is almost an admission that it knows full well that its supporter base includes the criminal underclass. Given the predilection of ANC and its members such as Jacob Zuma to enthusiastically involve themselves in crime, this should not suprise anybody.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Confessions of a landless person

In an article in the Business Day's Weekender edition, one Andile Mngxitama (try and pronounce his surname quickly 5x in a row…) a Johannesburg based civil rights activist, launches a tedious Marxist tirade about the so-called racism of farmers and calls for state intervention.

Mr Mngxitama wants the state to forcibly remove white farmers' land, and hand it out to peasants. While reading the article, it struck me that I am also a victim of colonialism. I am a landless person too. My garden is hopelessly too small to plant anything worth my while. If I were to try and survive off crops planted in my garden, I'd probably starve.

However, the same would apply if I were to be given a large piece of land in most of South Africa. I have no knowledge of agriculture. I would not know when to plant, when to harvest, of what sort of crops to plant in the area. I would be lucky to survive, because I do not have agricultural skills.

The above is exactly the problem with Mngxitama's demands. Simply expropriating white farmers' land and handing it to black peasants, resolves nothing. It does not provide them with the necessary skills to farm. It does not provide capital to buy seed. Mngxitama would no doubt argue that the state should provide these, but the reality is this is Africa and the ANC government – by definition an incompetent regime, whose sole skill is corruption and stealing. Black peasant farmers won't receive effective assistance, because the ANC regime is fundamentally incapable of running a kindergarten, let alone a country.

Mngxitama's demands will have only one outcome: it will destroy agriculture. White farms will be expropriated and handed to black peasants without skills or capital. Within 2 years these farms will disintegrate. Their crops will wither, the livestock will be eaten within a month, the buildings will collapse, the equipment will be sold for booze, and the beneficiaries will be no better off than before.

With the destruction of agriculture, rural areas will collapse, millions will stream to the cities and squat in the most dire poverty, starve to death and die of diseases like cholera. Exactly what happened in Zimbabwe, in other words. But Mngxitama, being a Marxist asshole, will no doubt be happy with the outcome. At least the starving hordes won't be exploited by white "racists", and that's what REALLY matters, is it not?

Friday, 23 January 2009

Do the ANC's supporters understand right and wrong?

While the ANC pays lip service to its commitment to fighting corruption, the Party has gone and nominated both Winnie Mandela as well as Tony Yengeni as candidates for member of Parliament.

Winnie Mandela, the so-called "Mother of the Nation" is in reality nothing of the sort. She is in reality a brutal murderess, a piece of criminal scum whose thugs kidnapped and murdered a young black man, Stompie Sepei. Furthermore, she has a conviction for fraud, having defrauded a bank with a dodgy loans scheme.

Tony Yengeni, the other nominee, was sent to prison for illegally receiving a $50,000 discount on a luxury vehicle.

As Helen Zille points out, there is a jarring dissonance between what the ANC says and what it does. You cannot say you're opposed to crime and corruption, but then nominate Yengeni and Mandela, let alone the corrupt polygamist, Jacob Zuma, for president.

What Ms Zille does not say is that the nominations come from the ANC's branches - the rank and file of the Party (deliberate capital P.) People often pretend to be puzzled by South Africa's extreme crime rate, but given the ANC's apparent lack of concern with crime, it's really pretty simple to explain. Seeing that the ANC gets the majority of votes in South Africa, its members' opinions are presumably those of the majority of voters as well.

Clearly the ANC's Party members do not see anything wrong with crime. Their sense of right and wrong therefore differs completely from what you and I, people of the West, would hold to be true. If the rank and file of the ANC see criminals like Yengeni and Mandela as heroes, then clearly their interpretation of what is acceptable differs totally from Westerners' interpretation of right and wrong.

This is quite a frightening realization. South Africa's crime rate becomes easy to explain. The majority of people in South Africa - the ANC's voters - do not see murder, theft and fraud as wrong. The majority of people are therefore tolerant and forgiving of crime, if not criminals themselves.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cope needs to be careful with whom it associates itself

Rumours have it that the ANC splinter group, the new political party Cope, is about to welcome Saki Macozoma into its midst.
Macozoma is a long-time ANC member and spent time on Robben Island, so his Struggle credentials are not in question. The problem with Macozoma is that he was involved with a major funding scandal, in which R9 million (+-$1 million) was illegally diverted to the ANC's coffers.
Cope is wont to make public utterances about its commitment to fighting corruption. How, then, can it welcome people tainted by scandal like Macozoma into its midst, and be taken seriously? You cannot be slightly pregnant. Similarly, you cannot pay lip service to fighting corruption, but then consort with known miscreants like Macozoma.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Jimmy Manyi's philosophical dilemma

Jimmy Manyi, chairman of an organization that is racist by definition, the Black Management Forum, is extremely upset by the new poitical party, Cope's, views on affirmative action (AA).

What upset Manyi, one of the praise singers of the increasingly Afro-fascist ANC regime, is that Cope dared to suggest that factors other than race needed to be taken into account. For example: why should one of the children of the obscenely rich pigs at the trough such as Tokyo Sexwale, who are systematically plundering the nation's wealth, receive preferential treatment, above for example a white youth whose family is living in poverty?

Cope's suggestions nevertheless outraged Manyi. The question that now arises is: why is he so upset? Does Manyi still believe that Sexwale's children deserve to be the beneficiaries of AA, regardless of their wealth? Whites are less than one-tenth of South Africa's total population. It is a matter of demographic certainty that, given time, the 80% black majority will eventually occupy 80% of all professional and managerial positions.

Or is it?

The unspoken assumption here is that blacks and whites, given equal opportunities, will produce equal outcomes and achieve similar professional heights. Why, then, does Manyi insist on a continuous handicapping system for blacks, the obscene racism known as affirmative action, given the apparent demographic inevitability?

There can be only one explanation: deep in his heart, Manyi has immense feelings of inferiority towards white people. He clearly does not believe that whites and blacks can compete on a level playing field. Does Manyi lie in his bed at night, wondering if he'd still be an executive at Tiger Brands if he were not black? Does Manyi perhaps believe that there is, and dare I suggest this, a genetic handicap that affirmative action has to compensate for, and keep compensating for for ever?

Monday, 19 January 2009

Eish, thees ees Azanian plenning...

Mpumalanga is one of the more backward provinces in South Africa, not least in terms of the intellectual capabilities of its politicians. Its school leavers routinely distinguish themselves by their dismal pass rates. They clearly go straight from failing Grade 12 into political or public service careers, earning Mpumalanga its nickname: "Mamparralanga". A mamparra is as slang term for a moron or an idiot.
This time the Mpumalanga planners (although these 2 words constitute an oxymoron) have really outdone themselves. They have spent R10 million (approximately US$1million) of the taxpayers' money on a jazz festival. In the 2 days that the festival lasted, however, fewer than 3000 people bought tickets, but only 1500 people actually attended the non-event.
This translates to a government subsidy of R3,000 per ticket - in other words, the complete and utter idiots who "planned" (sic) the concert, subsidized the patrons to the tune of US$300 each.
This in a province with dire poverty, AIDS, malaria and other social problems, where this kind of money could have built 30 houses or bought malaria medication for thousands.
Once again the mind boggles at this brilliant example of African and Azanian incompetence.

A commie deputy president for South Africa?

Several commentators have pointed out that the left-wing tail is currently
wagging the much larger ANC dog. The ANC attracts millions of votes in
elections, but the SA Communist Party has fewer than 50,000 members. The
Polokwane conference in December 2007 however amounted to a virtual
left-wing coup d'etat in the ANC, with the left-wing allies of Cosatu and
the SA Communist Party effectively taking control by means of its Manchurian
Candidate, the hopelessly compromised Jacob Zuma, an un-educated, corrupt
puppet with some very big skeletons in his closet.

The conference in question laid the groundwork for the ousting of president
Mbeki, which duly happened in 2008. Mbeki was replaced by a caretaker
president, Kgalema Motlanthe. However, it is by no means certain that
Motlanthe will be retained as deputy president once Jacob Zuma takes over
power in 2009 after the elections, as is widely expected.

There is intense speculation, including in the Sunday Times newspaper, that
another candidate is waiting in the wings. One whose deputy presidency will
be a sop to Zuma's puppet masters, and effectively the true seat of power in
South Africa, the Communist Party. The name of Blade Nzimande, none other
than the Dear Leader and Chairman of South Africa's commies, is rumoured to
be in the hat.

Is this not a truly elevating prospect? A communist deputy president. South
Africa will then formally have joined such illustrious company as North
Korea and Cuba as one of the very few Marxist states left on the planet.

The madness of the criminal ANC regime must be stopped - by force, if

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Where's my blue light convoy?

According to a Durban legal expert, JP Purshotam, the use of the state's resources such as police in the infamous blue-light convoys is illegal. There is no law in South Africa's constitution governing the use of blue-light convoys. According to Pursotham, all South Africans are entitled to protection, and not only the so-called VIP's.

The reason is simple: the constitution makes no distinction between ordinary citizens and VIP's. This is especially true in the case of the corrupt, criminal polygamist, the odious, un-educated next president of the Azanian republic, one Jacob Zuma. Although this non-entity has a motorcade at times consisting of 33 vehicles, he holds no public office. The lowliest civil servant therefore has more of a claim to public protection than Zuma, seeing that the former is paid using public funds, but not the latter.

If the corrupt polygamist Zuma can demand a convoy protected by police, so can any other citizen, except that it doesn't happen quite that way in an African banana republic, does it?

I therefore propose a new name for these idiotic baboons who appropriate the state's resources to themselves, who abuse our tax money by squandering it on blue light convoys, because they in their 70-IQ little minds consider themselves to be important.

VIPs = Very Insignificant Pricks.

Thursday, 08 January 2009

Gwede Mantashe's stunning admission

Sometimes one reads something so bizarre, so strange, so mind-boggling, that you have to re-read it to make sure you've understood correctly.

So it is with Gwede Mantashe's stunning admission in a 
newspaper interview. In this interview, Mantashe had the following to say:

"If the African National Congress wins the elections this year, the performance of its ministers and other politicians will be evaluated by the ruling party's new policy institute, and incompetent ones will be fired."

This is a stunning admission, isn't it? There are 2 implications: 1) there are incompetent ministers in the current ANC cabinet and 2) it is only when the ANC wins the next election, that we can expect incompetence to be punished.  
The implication is clearly that up to now, competence was not a criterium when the ANC regime selected its cabinet. Blind loyalty to the Party (intentional capital P) yes, but competence...Until the next election, it's therefore business as usual - stupidity, corruption, laziness, incompetence - you know, the usual stuff we've come to expect from ANC cadres.

It is unthinkable that voters in a normal democracy would accept such a preposterous statement. A European political party that made such an admission would not only lose the next election with an enormous landslide, but would also lose so badly that it would probably cease to exist.
But this is Africa.
Africa, where voters somehow fail to make the connection between their own right to vote, and political accountability. People get the government they deserve, and nowhere is it more true than in Africa. Any voter who continues to vote for the ANC, deserves to suffer poor service delivery, crime, grime and incompetence.


Wednesday, 07 January 2009

Gaza and Zimbabwe

South Africa's ANC regime, by means of the loose cannon Gwede Mantashe, has wasted no time in condemning Israels military incursion into Gaza.

The ANC regime is, however, strangely silent about the root cause of the incursion: the firing of rockets aimed to terrorize innocent civilians by Hamas's Muslim extremists. Perhaps we should not be too surprised by this. The ANC is a terrorist organization, whose methods closely resembled Hamas's: bombs in shopping centres and the murder of political opponents by means of the notorious necklacing method (setting alight a gasoline-filled tyre draped around the victim's neck.) Hamas and the ANC are obviously birds of a feather, brothers in terror, as it were.

Israel is thousands of kilometers away from South Africa. The conflict has very little to do with South Africa. There is another conflict zone right across the border from South Africa. In the nineties, 20,000 Matabeles were murdered in another military incursion, that of the 5th Brigade into Matabeleland. The Matabele are blood relatives of South Africa's Zulus - they were a Zulu faction that fled Chaka's bloodthirsty pogroms.

The country is of course Zimbabwe. As you are reading this, people are dying in Zimbabwe, due to the Mugabe regime's callous indifference to the plight of its own people. People are dying of cholera, amongst other causes. People are being detained without trial. People are tortured by the regime's police. More people have died of cholera in Zimbabwe than have died in Gaza up to date.

And the ANC's reaction to the plight of their black brothers a mere few hundred kilometers from Pretoria? Stony silence. Not a word in condemnation. It screams blue murder about a deserved retaliation thousands of kilometers away, but not a word about the plight of its fellow blacks right next door.

ANC logic at its best, not so?

Tuesday, 06 January 2009

Blue light convoys are out of control

Talk Radio 702 reports that there has been yet another incident in which members of a blue light convoy intimidated, shot at and injured a Gauteng motorist. This follows on the heels of several other incidents over the past few years, in which other motorists have been intimidated, injured, forced off the road and even shot at by members of blue light convoys. The actions of the blue light convoys have led to the deaths of several people.

In a recent incident, a brain-dead baboon started firing at a motorist who didn't get out of the way quicky enough in the opinion of the moron in control of the trigger.

Africa is notorious for its Wabenzi; for the convoys of vehicles which accompany insignificant politicians and force lesser mortals from the road. And, let's be honest here: an "insignificant politician" in Africa is a tautology - something that almost goes without saying.

Since the end of apartheid, South African politicians have enthusiastically started to make use of blue light convoys and body guards. That fat, incompetent former teacher, notorious only for her predilection for shopping trips to Dubai at the taxpayer's expense, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, has no fewer than 23 bodyguards. Speculation is rife that some of them are actually diet police, whose task it is to prevent her from stopping at the McDonalds.

Not only national cabinet ministers, but also provincial politicians had decided that they are far too important to be stuck in traffic, that an inability to plan and to stick to a schedule on their behalf, becomes an emergency for everybody else. A particularly egregious example is the monumentally arrogant KZN province's minister of transport, one Bheki Cele, who seems to view public objections to his abuse as power as racist. Well, Bheki, if you behave like an idiot, and it's racist to point it out, then so be it - I'm racist.

One of the major reasons for the use of convoys is an utter inability to plan, coupled with the notorious love of Africa time. Any Westerner who makes an appointment expects punctuality. Not so in Africa. Three hours late is par for the course.
Don't ask why they ANC politicians don't take these realities into account and schedule meetings at realistic times. Don't query whether the politician's aides are unable to do simple math and schedule meetings so that they allow for enough travel time. (Rhetorical question - the answer is a resounding no.) The inability to stick to schedules, the inability to plan, then becomes an emergency on the part of other road users. His Lordship, the Deputy Minister of Little Green Bits That Go Well With Salad, then finds it necessary to sweep all before him, endangering the lives of other road users.

Blue light convoys are out of control, and the trigger-happy baboons who man them belong in jail, rather than armed to the teeth in black suits behind the wheel of powerful vehicles.

Sunday, 04 January 2009

Kameraad Carl Niehaus se liegstories (blog entry in Afrikaans)

Ek het Kameraad Carl Niehaus, professionele liegbek en ANC-segsman, se blog-inskrywing vanoggend met geweldige irritasie gelees, maar komende van wie dit kom, nl iemand wat oa glo een aand deur 20 mans in 'n tronksel verkrag is, maar dan misterieus die volgende dag in 'n hofsaak geen dooie woord daaroor gerep het, en g'n klag daaroor gelê het nie, of enige opsigtelike tekens daarvan getoon tydens sy verhoor nie, moet mens noodwendig sy liegstories met 'n groot sak sout opneem.

Gelukkig het die waarheid 'n manier om dikwels na vore te kom, en kan denkende mense die verskil tussen propaganda en liegstories vir hulself eien. Die volgende bevat regstellings oor enkele leuens wat dikwels oor ons geskiedenis gebesig word.

Mens kry dikwels die indruk dat die "inheemse" swart bevolking van Suider-Afrika een of ander idilliese bestaan gevoer het, totdat die "wrede" blanke koloniseerders die sosiale orde kom "ontwrig" het en die "paradys" kom "versteur" het.

Kom ons kry enkele van die feite reg:

1. Die Europese setlaars - jou en my voorsate - was geensins die eerste of enigste setlaars van Suider-Afrika nie. Alle swartes - Zoeloes, Tswanas en Xhosas - is almal insgelyks setlaars, net soos jou en my voorouers setlaars was. Die enigste waarlik inheemse inwoners van Suider-Afrika was die San mense; die voorouers van die Boesmans en Hottentotte. Swart stamme het uit Sentraal- en Wes-Afrika na Suider-Afrika gemigreer. Al verskil is hulle was effens vroeër aankomelinge, maar immigrante en setlaars, dié was en is hulle beslis.

2. Blankes was nie die enigstes wat sogenaamde grondroof gepleeg het nie. Die oorspronklike San-mense se grondgebied is op grootskaal deur die bostaande immigrante uitgewis en van hulle gebiede ontneem. Voorts is baie van die blankes se grond, anders as swartes s'n, op vreedsame wyse deur onderhandelings bekom.

3. Die swart volkere het nie in een of ander idilliese toestand van medemenslike liefde geleef voor die aankoms van blankes nie. Inteendeel; die Zoeloes het tussen 1800 en 1830, SONDER BLANKE HULP, 'n grootskeepse veldtog van volksmoord, bekend as die Mfekane, geloods, wat gelei het tot die dood van tot 'n halfmiljoen ander swartes, volgens sommige bronne. Kwalik 'n Tuin van Eden, kwalik tekenend van die mitiese liegspul bekend as "Oeboentoe."

4. Daar was (en is inderdaad vandag steeds nie in die meeste van Afrika, insluitende die eenpartystaat bekend as Suid-Afrika nie) g'n sprake van "demockracy" voor 1652 nie. Daar was spesifiek nie verkiesings, 'n regstaat, voor blanke kolonisering nie. Die regeringsvorm was die diktatorskap van 'n hoofman, en dikwels 'n uiters gewelddadige een, soos Sjaka s'n. Die eerste keer dat die meeste swartes stemreg verkry het, was ironies genoeg tydens die apartheids-era, toe swartes vir tuislandleiers kon stem. Dis dus nie die "wrede blankes" wat swartes van hulle stemreg ontneem het nie; dis eerder blankes wat swartes bekendgestel het aan die konsep van die demokrasie.

5. Anders as Max du Preez se liegstories oor sogenaamde swart beskawings voor blanke kolonisering, was daar niks van die aard nie; nie die geskrewe woord, die wiel, skarniere, of inderdaad enige gevorderde tegnologie in Afrika suid van die Sahara vóór 1652 nie. Enige literatuur aan die Ooskus van Afrika was van Arabiese afkoms; Thabo Mbeki se sogenaamde universiteit, waarop hy so trots is, was volledig van Arabiese herkoms, en vir millennia het swartmense soos die Zoeloes na die see gestaar sonder dat die gedagte by hulle opgekom het om 'n skip te bou.

Kortom - die meeste van die liegstories wat deur narre soos Kameraad Carl en voormalige KP-lede, oa diegene wat deesdae glo ANC-lede is maar destyds verregses was, gebesig word, is net dít; liegstories, hemelbeeste en fantasieë. Dis propaganda en naakte leuens, ewe geloofwaardig as sprokies oor Sinterklaas of die Paashaas. Dis hoogstens ligte vermaak, iets om oor te lag, wat opgeneem hoort te word met inagname van die motiewe van dié wat dit skryf: apologete vir een van die mees misdadige en korrupte regimes op aarde.
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